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Our Doctors and Client Care Consultants accumulate more than 30 years of experience in the Hair Transplantation Industry. We all worked previously for two Global companies as a team. This adds greatly to our expertise as we can exchange and benefit from our different experiences.

Dr. David Lucey

Dr. David Lucey


Medical Director of MHR Clinic Ireland

Dr Lucey is an Irish trained doctor based in Dublin with over 18 years of experience, graduated with honours degrees in medicine from UCD in 2003 and is a member of the Royal College of Surgeons with a background in surgery and oncology. Former lecturer in ear nose and throat /head, neck surgery in St James hospital/Trinity College Dublin.

Now exclusively practising aesthetic medicine and FUE Hair Transplant for the MHR Clinic in Dublin.

He also teaches aesthetic medical techniques at Irelands leading aesthetic school. Dr David Lucey is a highly renowned doctor in his field who has treated many high-profile clients and is now leading a team of highly specialised Hair Transplant technicians with over 30 years of combined experience.



Consultant & Client Care Director

Kim Nicholls has worked for some of the best international hair transplant companies across Europe and gained her experience along the way in all different aspects of the business with special attention to detail when it comes to Client Care.

When she began in this world of hair transplants it was an exciting time as the FUE procedure was just hitting the market and revolutionized the hair transplant industry in more ways than one.

Kim has over 18 years of experience in the Hair transplant industry and brings an entrenched belief to the MHR Clinic that clients must be completely satisfied with the treatment results, hence the selective procedures that are offered by MHR Clinic to cover all aspects of hair loss. But the central belief at MHR Clinic is that we must care intensely for our clients, and they must get the results this is paramount with service and after care.



Medical Technician & Clinic Manager

Julia has been a part of the MHR Clinic Dublin Team since the beginning. She is a highly skilled hair transplant technician who has been in the industry for over 6 years. After undergoing essential training as FUE Hair Transplant technician, she has assisted doctors during the FUE Hair transplant procedures.

She is also a qualified accountant with a Diploma as an Accounting Technician. She is fluent in Russian, Lithuanian and English.



Assistant Medical Technician & Laser Treatment Specialist

Andrew joined the MHR team 3 years ago and has gained knowledge over a period in the different aspects of hair loss, including FUE Hair Transplant techniques and Laser treatments.

Andrew has gained his knowledge and skills by shadowing and assisting the FUE doctors and technician during the procedure.

He is also a Client Care coordinator for appointment for Laser Treatments.

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