What causes hair loss in general?

What causes hair loss in general?

In typical male pattern hair loss, hair follicles that carry genetic coding bond with DHT (a hormone that slowly kills the hair follicle), weaken hair and slowly cause it to fall out. The hair follic...

What is common baldness?

What is common baldness?

The term "common baldness" usually means male-pattern hair loss. Male-pattern hair loss is the most common cause of hair loss in men. Men who have this type of hair loss usually have inheri...

Is hair transplant procedure painful?

Is hair transplant procedure painful?

Patients report only a small amount of discomfort associated with a hair transplant procedure, (when the local anaesthetic is first given). Further, all patients are given a relaxing medication prior...

Will my new hair look natural?

Will my new hair look natural?

The old hair plug days of "Doll" hair are long gone. Hair transplant technicians today (worldwide) use various techniques that transfer one to five hairs maximum (per graft) from the donor ...

Understanding Hair Loss

Women Info

Women Information The bald male is accepted, even celebrated, in today's society. But a bald woman? Hardly. Double standard aside, help is now available at MHR Clinic. Medical Hair Restoration Clinic is seeing a dramatic increase in the number of women who are choosing surgical hair transplants as a permanent solution to hair loss. Recently the popular television show, aired an investigative report on surgical hair replacement that concluded surgical hair transplants to be the only truly effective and permanent procedure for restoring hair loss. Getting a hair transplant has never occurred to most women. They often picture men who had transplants and had a "pluggy" appearance. Gone are the days when a hair transplant made a middle-aged scalp look like a field of n...

Men Info

Men hair loss Hair loss is a problem that occurs both in Men and Women and has a major psychological impact as a consequence. Healthy hair is one of the most important elements of male and female beauty and this is why you no longer need to suffer. Hence a number of people with hair loss resort to expert help. Causes of Hair loss in Men The most common cause of hair loss in Men is androgenetic alopeacia also known as male pattern hair loss or baldness. This is due to the male hormone DHT acting on the genetically susceptible scalp hair follicles that  causes them to become smaller and eventually disappear. This sensitivity to DHT is characteristic of hair follicles that reside in the front, top and crown of the scalp -rather than the back and sides, producing a characte...

Latest News

  • Revealed: MHR Clinic Dublin’s Latest success Story Referee Mark Clattenburg

    Former Premier League Referee Mark Clattenburg Gets Hair transplant at the award-winning clinic MHR in Dublin Grafton Street. Mark Clattenburg has had a transplant to cover his crown and restore his frontal hairline for the last year everyone has been talking about Mark’s hair and many speculations of where he had his Transplant Mark Clattenburg has refereed a Champions League final and a UEFA European championship final and now he has added another notch to his belt - a hair transplant. Former Premier League referee Clattenburg has found himself in the limelight with his tattoos before and now he is in it again with his latest transplant surgery. Unable to contain the frustration and embarrassment from his balding head any longer, he turned to the MHR Clinic in Mancheste...

  • MHR Best Hair Restoration Clinic in 2017

    Award winning Clinic MHR Best Hair Restoration Clinic in 2017 as voted by the Public-Sector Magazine. ...


  • Thank you for the perfect Hairline :)Dr Ioannis is the main man for FUE I would recommend anyone with hair loss to come here.

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  • Great crew,everything well explained no pain,looking forward to seeing the results

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  • Had very good experience while having my hair done,staff are wonderful and really nice,we said very understanding.Cant wait to see my results.

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  • The staff were very attentive and put me at ease as i was little nervous.The doctor gave me his honest personal opinion which put me at ease also.The experience was made as pleasant as it could be and everyone involved were very professional.

    My Thanks

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  • Glad to get it done ,no pain all staff very kind.Doctor knew what he was doing hope life gets better with not worrying about hair

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  • Very friendly staff,more uncomfortable than pain.A huge thank you to the staff and the doctor.Excellent from 1st consultation to actual procedure

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  • positive experience,very professional staff

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  • Legends!!!Cant thank you enough.

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  • Thank you kindly for all you great work. I appreciate all the staffs kindness.

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  • To my amazement I had a wonderful experience. Please give them a raise ...

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  • Thanks to all the staff at MHR for putting me at ease during the whole afternoon. Everyone was very professional ,friendly and understanding which helped make the treatment a whole lot easier. I look forward to seeing the results and after the careful and diligent work today I am confident it will work out well.

    Gerald Gerald

  • The staff were very friendly and easy to talk to and explained the procedure very well. The whole procedure was made a lot easier by the staff. It wasn't as bad as i had thought it would be as i was very nervous going in.

    Fergal Fergal

  • Thanks to all your help. I felt at ease from start to finish, keep up the good work Dr Ioannis.
    George George

  • Brilliant service I am very happy with the procedure and especially the staff. Thank ye all so much

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  • Doctor Ioannis and nurses were very friendly music was also good chilled my time here. The procedure went very fast as everyone was so nice. Thank you all.

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  • I am very happy with the procedure and how the staff treated me while I was here. I look forward to meeting you again for my second procedure.

    D. Mc. D. Mc.

  • I was shocked at how quick and painless the whole procedure was. Not what I was expecting. A total walk in the park.

    S.H. S.H.

  • I found this to be a very pleasant experience and considering this is my first surgical operation. Painless. I felt completely at ease.

    W.H. W.H.

  • Had a procedure today with Doctor Ioannis and he really made me fell at ease. Was over before I realized it. I can't wait to see my results

    J.C. J.C.

  • Excellent all round made the whole experience relaxed

    Colm Colm

  • Very impressed! From the minute I stepped in the door staff very friendly, the nurse was great. She was very reassuring talked to me through whole procedure and answered any questions I had and eased all my worries. Doctor Ioannis was great and did a great job. Would recommend to any one.

    Peter Peter

  • Really friendly staff how made me feel comfortable from the 1st second. Really satisfied with the outcome of the procedure, It was my pleasure.

    E.G. E.G.

  • Ultra nice and friendly atmosphere, professional, made me feel at ease. It was a pleasure. Thanks for everything. Can't thank the Doctor enough.

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  • Had a great day with Dr Ioannis. Was very funny. His Nurses were brilliant, so relaxing, made me feel so welcome. Great experience. Thank so much guys.

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  • Very pleased with the whole procedure from start to finish. Stress free, everyone was brilliant and kind and spent a very relaxing day having a hair transplant.

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  • Omg what a wonderful team you are. You made me feel so at ease. Thank so much all of you. Looking forward to seeing the results.

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  • I woul like to take this opportunity to thank you and the nurse and the doctor in MHR for the excellent procedure that you done for me on X/X/15... I was made to feel a very important guest,, i was treated in the highest amount of respect,,,, the procedure i had done has made me a very happy person,, of which i thank you all,,, my confidence has returned and i feel that life is now worth living,,, i would recommend your clinic to anyone as it has transformed a very unhappy guy into an extreamely happy man,,, i wish you every success in the future,,, i could not thank you and your team enough,,, thank you so much,,,jl,,xxxxx

    J.L J.L

  • Having been someone who attended six consultations in Ireland and researched the possibilities in four other countries I feel very qualified to share my experience as a client with MHR clinic Ireland.

    Starting with the consultation phase the information was extremely clear and concise and given in a direct but friendly manner. The director was always contactable with whatever query I had and would always reply in some form within the day. After I had left the consultation I wasn’t pestered with texts or emails to force a decision, I was allowed plenty of space to make up my own mind, and even when I requested a second visit I was accommodated as quickly as possible.

    Once I had made the decision to attend MHR and a surgery date had been confirmed the director was immediately on hand to make sure I was fully prepared for the day and knew exactly what to expect.

    The morning of the operation I was greeted by the director and nurse who were very caring and informative and put any worries I had at ease.  The doctor soon arrived and treated me in the same kind and professional fashion.

    As far as surgery can go it was handled in the best possible manner, and was done as quickly and painlessly as possible and I couldn’t be happier with how the day went down. The aftercare seems to have worked and a week later I find myself with no red marks and very little evidence that I have even had a surgery.

    After a long summer of researching the best option for me I find myself extremely satisfied with MHR and would be happy to recommend them to anyone.

    T T

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