LHGR - Laser Hair Growth Regeneration

Laser Hair Growth Regeneration Therapy (LHGR) is the ideal treatment for reversing the hair-loss cycle and regrowth of hair follicles.
The process stimulates and rejuvenates falling hair follicles, encouraging them back to health and in the process making your hair thicker and fuller.
We also offer a range of topical hair retention products which work in close conjunction with our Laser Hair Growth Regeneration Therapy (LHGR) Courses.

Benefits of Laser Hair Growth Regeneration (LHGR)

  • Increases nutritional supply to improve hair growth.
  • Hinders hair loss progression.
  • Enhances hair shaft quality.
  • Reduces scalp conditions like psoriasis, dermatitis, and scalp scaling.
  • Decreases excess levels of DHT which contributes to genetic thinning.
  • Increases micro circulation and scalp blood flow by 20% to 30%

The Treatment

Treatments are usually 40 minutes twice a month for 6 months according to the extent of hair loss. You can purchase combination products for hair care and hair re-development in combination with all the Laser Hair Growth Regeneration Therapy.

Also available Laser treatment combined with PRP packages.

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