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Non Shaven U-F.U.E.

What is a U-FUE Hair Transplant?
An Unshaven or U-FUE Hair Transplant involves careful extraction of donor hair, typically from the side or back of the head, without shaving the area – keeping the hair intact. It is then transplanted to the balding or thinning area intact, requiring considerable skill and time at every stage. It differs from the standard FUE hair transplant procedure which involves at least some degree of shaving. It is minimally invasive and a walk-in walk-out procedure.

What Is the Difference?

It is not always convenient for some patients  to shave their donor area when considering a hair transplant.  For a standard FUE hair transplant it is often necessary to shave a small part of the head (the donor area) to aid extraction and transplantation. With larger procedures it may be necessary to entirely shave the head. Shaving makes it much easier for the hair transplant surgeon and it is often the only way many hair transplant surgeons can achieve effective, permanent results.
The shaven procedure deters men and women from having the procedure as part of the desire to have a hair transplant is to have hair, not shave it off – even if it is just temporary. From there many have raced to find the right technique to extract and transplant hair without needing to shave any part of the head. For the growing selection of people who want to keep the extracted hair intact and have it transplanted U-FUE Hair Transplants is the way to go.

Why Don’t More People Choose Unshaven Hair Transplants?

Often patients may come in thinking they want an unshaven hair transplant but cost  is more expensive. Unshaven hair transplants are more labour intensive and require specialist skills and training, pushing the price up. Some patients may realise shaving part or all of their head is feasible and ultimately cost-effective, while others may go home to think more about their options. There is a considerable timeline for patients from expressing an interest to actually having a hair transplant and many will spend a lot of time researching. It is a good Hair Transplant surgeon’s duty to realistically portray the procedure, manage their expectations and discuss alternatives. The best procedure is the one most suitable for the patient, NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND. It is common to have to turn away prospective patients who are not suitable or have unmanageable expectations. Equally importantly it is ethical.

What Are the Alternatives?

During a standard FUE hair transplant, part of or all of the head is shaved. If this is unsuitable for the patient, as it is for many, it is possible to shave lines of hair off the sides and back of the head which can be easily concealed if the patient wears their hair long. It is up to the patient and the surgeon to discuss possible extraction sites that will satisfy both and achieve optimal results. It’s very possible that a patient may be adamant they do not want to shave any part, however discrete, and are not willing to have an Unshaven Hair Transplant. In these cases, it is important for the practitioner to be honest and not perform the procedure. Expectations need to be met as patient satisfaction is more than just physical results.

U Fue strip correction.

Often patients come to us looking to improve the appearance of their strip scar. U fue is ideal for strip scar repair. The benefit of added density to the scar area improves appearance when the hair is worn in a shorter hair style.