Dr Tünde Tarjányi is a highly skilled surgeon and expert in FUE surgeries, having completed more than 1,000+ hair transplant procedures in the last five years of her medical career. She is a Doctor of Medicine, member of the UK’s General Medical Council, Irish Medical Council, Royal College of Physicians in Ireland and Hungarian Medical Council.

Dr Tarjányi is also an associate member of the ‘International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery’ (ISHRS), frequently contributing to its scientific developments and service improvements in the field of hair transplantation at its numerous conferences and congresses.

Tünde graduated from Europe’s illustrious Semmelweis University in Budapest with the sole intention of becoming a hair transplant surgeon. She is currently studying and training for a MSc. in Pharmaceutical Medicine at Trinity College, Dublin. She holds qualifications in Platelet Rich Plasma procedure. She works exclusively for MHR Clinic and has performed transplants on some of its most high-profile patients.