Doctor Ioannis Marmagiolis MD is a specialized FUE Hair Transplant doctor with over 10 years experience within the field of Hair Restoration. Performing over 2,300 FUE procedures to date.

Trained and worked with a large international clinic later to work for an Irish Clinic for the last 6 years as Medical Director of Dublin and Cork.

Doctor Ioannis Marmagiolis MD is one of the very few Doctors able to perform U-FUE in Europe. Highly renowned Doctor who has treated high profile clients, celebrities and well known sports personalities. He is known in Hair restoration as a perfectionist in his field creating natural results. Believes each client is a VIP and is treated as so and deserves the best  when undergoing the FUE treatment.

Doctor Marmagiolis MD has trained Doctors over the years to perform the FUE procedure who are now established their own clinics in UK and Europe.

Dr Marmagiolis MD is a member of the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgeons.


  •    IMC Irish Medical Council
  •  Medical Association of Athens, Greece
  •  SMC Swedish Medical Council